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Simple. Senang di baca. Ada pictures. Fun. For you kids.
My first novel and maybe the new one will come out next year.
More into childhood memories, awkward moment, missing love, stupidity of the twins.

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personality traits
Panda menekan kekunci keyboard @ 9:21 PG

I'm taking a break from typing / splurting nonsense from my other blog so here I come pink panda theme blog :D Hooozah!

Ok. Entry kali ini akan menyapu bersih segala habuk dan sarang labah-labah kerana tuan blog pergi bercuti tak ingat balik ke pangkal jalan. Insaflah.
Masa tengah stalking blog kawan-kawan, I found some interesting facts.

Sebelum tu nak bagitahu. Saya bet jadi vegan for one week and I won woohooo. Lapar betul. Dalam kepala asyik ingat ayam ayam ayam ayam ayam. Rasa dunia ini milik ayam yang punya @_@.

Ok done.

Back to topic.

Kita selalu kata, kita tak kenal diri kita siapa. We're lost in our own world. Sampai kena pergi journey to find your true self. Talk about drama macam dalam cerita melayu tsk tsk.

Sebelum kita pergi ke topic, cuba rajin-rajinkan diri untuk check apa horoscope anda.


March 21 -
April 19


April 20 -
May 20


May 21 -
June 20


June 21 -
July 22


July 23 -
August 22


August 23 -
September 22


September 23 -
October 22


October 23 -
November 21


November 22 -
December 21


December 22 -
January 19


January 20 -
February 18


February 19 -
March 20

Okay? Dah tahu? If you're scorpians (lol) you're in luck cause' I'm scorpion too! :D Jadi entry kali ini akan cakap discuss pasal Scorpion. Kalau tak scorpions, nak keluar boleh. Tuan blog tak marah.

Sebagai permulaan mari kite tengok Scorpians physical feature. Like eyebrows, face, eyes, yadda yadda yadda, and etc. Ohh. Pemalas nya.

  1. Scorpions, generally, tend to possess a strong built body with middle stature, sharp features and a shrill voice(?) They have a broad face with wide forehead,thick neck and eyebrows. Their eyes are deep, mesmerizing and mysterious. Their personality is seductive(?)

Trolled so hard lolololol. First thing first. Funny. Okay seriously. Masa dia describe scorpians physcial traits I remember this kid;

hurrm. Very indeed thick eyebrows. So, check yourself. Are you blood-related with this kid? PFFT.

Scorpions are extremely determined, ambitious and persistent. They love to work independently.

Ya betul. You hit the mark! :D Maybe it just me? Oh well. Saya admit that I rather prefer work alone than working with others. Talk about anti-social pfft. Generally, Scorpians tak suka if their final works kena kritik, orang bagi honest opinion about it or just nak sakitkan hati like, "dude, your work macam pedobear step on it!" LOL. Warning. Be prepared kalau anda sakitkan hati Scorpians. Bisanya bisa membunuh and anda tak mungkin dapat perbetulkan keadaan kembali seperti sedia kala. (Cause' I've done it. I'm a hard-core dude! So don't mess around with me)

"bring it on,"

Scorpions are famous for their brilliant minds and shrewd intellects. They are excellent at solving puzzles and mysteries.

...NO I'M NOT.

okay fine! Maybe you are. HAPPY?!

Scorpions can therefore, be the worst and best of both worlds. They are clingy and independent, weak and authoritative, cold and loving.

We're best to both world. Haha. Jadi, we're not perfect. Hannah Montana teaches me about equilibrium mom!

Scorpions do have some negative points. They are overbearing, jealous, possessive, suspicious, quick-tempered, obstinate and ruthless. They can be moody, insulting, secretive and intolerant. Some people think they are sadistic, cunning and dangerous.

This is getting scarier. This things keep on reading my mind. Moody? Totally true. Sometimes, boboy like, "What is wrong with you dude? Kejap marah kejap senyum! Nuts! Nuts!" panng kena death glare sebijik. Terus senyap.

Insulting? Yeah. I've done that. But bukan macam, "IN YO FACE! HAHAHA" no. No. I'm quite polite :) ; As in masuk bilik terus kutuk mutuk (?) and then after that baru rasa pheww lega. Or ayat berlapik tapi kalau orang yang dikutuk itu dense as brick tak paham, nothing I can do. Get yourselves some smart brain cells man.

Jealous. PFFT. PFFT. Boboy dapat PSP dia nak juga PSP. Papa, sila highlight this :D !!

Dangerous. Mana ada. Panda kan comel *___^ tak dangerous pun.

They are always quick in decision-making and tend to gather wealth. Scorpions are usually known for making money and hiding it. They are quite conservative about spending the money.

Mark that.
known for making money and hiding it

Orang kata, orang macam ni kedekut atau kentut. Maybe Yes or maybe Not. I am 50% 50%. Why? Sebab my dearest brotha pinjam duit RM10 nak bayar tambang teksi tak bagi balik. HIGHLIGHT THAT PLEASE. Yang RM50 I overlooked it sebab alasan macam-macam so dah generous dah ni buat tak tahu. ^___^ (sadistic)

Jadi, jangan selalu buat assumption melulu. Maybe ada sebab mereka ini pandai cari duit tapi simpan kerana ;
1. for future use
2. sick and tired of this 'pinjam and gone'
3. suka tengok dompet / bank penuh dengan $$$
4. penat tau cari duit :(
5. bau duit itu harum
6. We want to be flithy rich baby!!!

Scorpios are also termed as mysterious and secretive. This is true, as the Scorpio woman keeps her secrets and will not like to share them even with her partner. Therefore, as a friend, a trustee or a partner, you can share your secrets with this woman and she will keep them safely to her heart

:') You can trust me.

They often mistaken as being self-centered and cold. But, on the contrary, they care lot about their near and dear ones and sometimes may even go out of the way to help and support them.

Ooh this "Sombong nya budak tu" thing. It hurts my heart everytime I hear someone says that. We just don't know how to express our gratitude to others so we tend to keep it within ourselves. Please don't treat us like 'huh sombong'.

Although not social animals, on the contrary, Scorpios are very reserved and more of listeners than speakers. These individuals are also independent and hate being pushed or dominated

Sorry. I'm not social. I love being alone. Hahaha. I called it, "peace and tranquility" duuh.
pushed or dominated
Yeah. We all tak suka kena ikut telunjuk orang. Kami tak suka orang suruh buat itu buat ini. Just shut your mouth up and we'll do our thing. Just don't get in our way. WE HATE IT. We? Oh I mean, ME teehee.

One should note that a Scorpio never forgives and forgets

Kami dalam "revenge and revenge" society. We love fight. HAHAHA. Oh god... =___=;
Mungkin Scorpians boleh maaf but not 100% maaf. Just, maaf 50% but god knows what you'd done to them, tapi Scorpians tak akan maaf and "okay, let's forget about that thing and build new life," no we're not. We'll keep it forever. Forever. *hunts you down*

Scorpio individuals are fiercely protective and possessive about their loved ones. A Scorpio parent is equally possessive about his/her kids as they are their beloved ones.

Having a nice talk with my friends over the other blog and we came up with this yandere terms to me as Scorpians. Yandere or ヤンデレ derives from Japanese words and it means this tapi tak hard core sangat kot? Really? Tak ada sampai guna kapak or what. No No No...Really? *doubtful* Teehee.

(somehow this entry jadi macam "how to survive tips" pulak @_@ )

This is so funny I can't stop laughing. Typical duuh.

Don't Even Think of Starting a Conversation with a Pick up Line!
You walk up to her and say, 'I don't mean to bother you but I think you are beautiful'! Well, if you are expecting a smile or a blush on her face, then that is not what you will get! Do you have any idea how many times she would have come across this line? So if you have to start a conversation with her, just be genuine. Starting a conversation with a pick up line would ruin your chances even before getting into the game.


Panda menekan kekunci keyboard @ 8:16 PTG



Susah betul nak handle dua blog ni. Rasa macam VIP ( very idiot person ) pula tapi tak apa. InsyaAllah, akan update. Jangan sedih-sedih.

Duduk diam diam tau.

USB mass storage
Panda menekan kekunci keyboard @ 12:08 PTG

Okay. Entri ini straight to the point sebab tak ada masa. HAHA. Apa yang penting adalah content bukan crap, right?

USB Mass Storage ini memang mahal. Kalau quality baik punya boleh cecah RM300. Tapi, kalau tak jaga dengan baik memang gerenti rosak. Betul tak?
Dulu Papa belikan memang besar GB dia. Boleh simpan gajah. Tapi, sebab Panda ni pemalas gila nak makan bamboo je, setiap kali nak tutup computer main tarik macam tu je USB punya wayar.
Satu hari, long story short USB tu masuk hospital. Tak keluar-keluar dah. Inalillah kat situ.
Tauke tu kata ada beberapa faktor kenapa USB tu masuk kubur ;

  • Tak scan dulu. Virus bergumbira.
  • Main tarik je wayar
  • Terhantuk baru terngadah dekat lantai
  • tuan pemalas
Jadinya, Papa pun belikanlah satu lagi kat anak gadis dia. Tak tahan dengan constang nagging, dapatlah badak air sekor.

Buffalo Ministation Portable Hard Disk. Kena putih sebab suci eh.

Badak air ni pun bagus juga dia punya device. First thing dia suruh kita setup adalah buat password so orang lain tak boleh excess kita punya hard disk. Badak ni boleh percepatkan masa transfer, backup utility, and ramdisk. Jadi, so far badak ni boleh tahanlah. Plus, design dia lawa. Made in Japan.

Okay move on. Masa kita nak tutup computer and nak unplug hard disk, kadang-kadang benda ni keluar menyusahkan hidup.

Susah kalau benda ni keluar. Sebab tu dulu main tarik je wayar. Benda ni keluar sebab external drive kita masih lagi running tapi kita dah tutup kan semua applications. Apa yang running nya?

Jadi. Tool yang boleh dijadikan sahabat dalam kes ini adalah Unlocker.

Unlocker ni akan listkan hidden applications yang kita ingat kita dah close. Jadi, lepas dah tahu apa masalahnya, tekanlah unlock all.

Cuba eject balik hard disk. Yay! Safely remove.
Sapa-sapa yang sayang dekat badak air anda, silalah ;
download Unlocker ni >download Unlocker here!!<<
Selamatkan hard disk mu.


Kena shopping baru mood baik.
Panda menekan kekunci keyboard @ 11:53 PG
EDIT : Baru perasan setiap perangan mesti at least ada perkataan "gila"

Jawab jawab. Tambah pahala.

Memandangkan kerajaan Malaysia generous gila bagi cuti 3 months selepas habis SPM sekarang macam mati kutu beras.

Macam bangun pagi blurr tak tahu nak buat apa in the end end up main game Harvest Moon Boys n Girl(lagi). Weh. Apalah childish kau ni Panda main game lagi.
Uh, dah baru masuk 17 tahun. Saje tau.

Pada pagi yang tenang,
"Kakak, nak pergi Amcorp Mall tak?"
Terus jawab ya. Sebab bosan dah di rumah. Tapi, lepas 30 minit bersiap (typical girl, kalau boleh nak satu jam bersiap) cousin datang rumah dan dah delay 30 minit.
Mood tak baik. Tiba-tiba perasaan emo datang membangkit di dalam diri setelah lama tidak keluar.

Sampai je di Amcorp Mall, cuaca panas menambahkan bahang. Emo level 2. Ibu dan bapa melengah-lengahkan masa dengan meninjau baju-baju murah yang bergantungan di situ. Padahal tujuan utama bukan nak shopping pun.
Emo level 3. Adik sedara muka macam Dora The Explorer pula mengedik. Aduh. Semakin emo dah hah diri sampai tak senyum. Masam gila. Semasam-masam buah mempelam.

Masa emo nak naik level 5 tiba-tiba nampak kedai BookXcess.

Terus jadi baik gila perasaan emo kalah dan mood gembira kembali. Dah gila dah hah duduk kat situ sampai mama ajak makan McDonald pun tak nak walhal kalau McD tu tempat yang wajib pergi. Tak pergi haram. Betapa hebatnya penangan buku. I bought these...

Huh. Mana tak gembira, kalau boleh nak bermalam di situ. Selama ni tak tahu pun kewujudan BookXcess sebab Kinokuniya tu macam dah grand untuk melabur duit. Total book yang di beli : 6
Ambik kau.

Apa yang bestnya, buku murah. T______T rasa macam nak mengalir air mata kegembiraan. Terima kasih BookXcess kerana menghilangkan emoku.

Painting with Brenda Harris Cherished Moments Rm24.90
Kalau nak berangan jadi painter kat Paris satu hari nanti, bolehlah kumpul buku-buku sebegini.

Painting Country Cottages & Gardens by Diane Trierweiler Rm24.90
Mama suka sangat dengan barang yang ada english feeling, jadi membeli buku ini untuk anak gadis praktik dan conteng dinding rumah agar macam country cottage.

Huh? Apakeh ini? ;) Only Rm24.90 Thanks mum.

Yay. Cecelia Ahern's latest book! Only RM20
Perlu baca dan rate. Apakah lagi best daripada If You Could See Me Now? :)

Di situ juga ada kedai secondhand book yang berdekatan so lawat juga tempat itu. Scattered. Dusty. Boxes. Dah macam library dalam Harry Potter dah hah. HAHA.
Sempat membeli dua buah komik for only Rm4!

Tak yah ah job hunting cuti ni.

Postscript ; The best Amcrop Mall. Satu bulan akan pergi lagi, bawa selimut and pillow.