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Story is about a family and how the twins deal with their abang angkat
Classify as 18sx U
Simple. Senang di baca. Ada pictures. Fun. For you kids.
My first novel and maybe the new one will come out next year.
More into childhood memories, awkward moment, missing love, stupidity of the twins.

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Where I always visit with a glass of choco milk ♥

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Flirting with japanese guy,
Panda menekan kekunci keyboard @ 3:06 PTG
read back about my last entry.
you know.
the "depressed" entry.

thank god. Thank You Allah.
I have regain my spirit back. I just had too much of black and negative aura for this couple of days.
Well, I might have gotten rid of all those bad things. No more bad spirit or what you call , "setan". HAHAHAHA.

Progam Floria that I and others joined like three days ago coming to an end. It's not that fun or whatever but I just LOVE IT when I was asked by cikgu Mazlan to become a replacement. No. Not a replacement for someone who're heartbroken. Fix it yourself.
I've become a translator. Really. Amazing.
I'll tell about it on later entry, maybe. I am not in time right now. Have something to do.

I don't know whenever I feel hyper or daymn good I love listen to japan / korean song.
Oh, please forgive me cause break the promise to delete the japan and korean folder in mp3.

I just in love with them T_T

Please, its also for my good right? I will be facing some scary experience. Wait. No.
It's exciting experience.
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test in August. Eh, maybe in December? Whatever.
Those exam candidates look like japanese guy. I mean. GUY. Seriously. You're just Malay and Chinese guy! Stop dressing and looks like japanese guy. You're forbid from change your hair colour!
My heart skip a bit.
Entah apa-apa.

Listening to Bigbang's. The korean band that fluent in both english and japanese.

Let me hear your voice ; Bigbang Click link !

It's Koe wo Kikasete. Or Let me hear your voice. ( Koe ; voice , kikasete ; let me hear ).
G-dragon ; the silver hair guy looks like someone I know. The hot guy as Huey Yee and me describe about him. He's hot, the guy that work at saloon. RYF hair saloon that I often go to ... you know? Girls stuff. Flirting. Woot. HAHAHA.

He's hot, man.
Okay, enuff Panda! We know.
Fine T______T

Why the guys in this MV look so cool in their super saiya outfit? I mean come on! Who can pull it off wear the outrageous outfit? Like, dracula and vampire would wear.
( I am not talking about Edward-you-know-who )
If I seen someone wearing that kind of attire in the middle of crowd I would label him as vampire fetish. HAHA.
I bet if Boboy wear it, err..I can't imagine how it turn out! T_T NOOOO.

Bytheway without further ado em.. without further mummbling, here

The translation for this song :) Then you would understand better what this song all about.

The rain just now has stopped
The smell of asphalt is floating around the city
Hey, over there too, the weather is fine already right?
For I heard the weather has cleared up from the west (***)
Since you’re not a morning person
Everyday, will you be able to wake up properly?
I’m still worried about things like that

The sky still spreads so freely
Although nothing has changed
Right now, just that… it’s only just that you are not by my side

Let me hear your voice
If we become honest, surely
We'll be able to understand each other
Please open your heart
Let me hear your voice
The path we have come is, for us, definitely
An important STEP to that future

The first time I met you was
Around this season right?
The light up street was
Glowing beautifully
The crybaby-you, from that time on, often
Laid your forehead on my shoulder
You were crying right? That extreme warmth
From your touch on my shoulder

Everyone lives, carrying his own worry
Desperately holding his broken heart

Let me hear you voice
If we become more kind
We'll be able to love each other
Don’t avert my eyes
Let me hear your voice
Let's get over those entwined anxieties and loneliness
The feelings of this moment become our bond

Yeah, Since you went away hasn't been the same
In my heart all i got is pain
Could it be that i play the game
To loose you, i can't maintain
Sunlight moonlight you lit my life
Realize in the night while love shines bright
Can't let you go we were meant for forever baby let me know

Days passed without you can't forget you
Letting me be the cloud hanging above me
Raining on me missing your touch
Nights get longer and it's hard to clutch
We're apart breaks my heart
Its all for the best girl, you're my world
In time my love unfurls
'Till then wait for you girl

Let me hear your voice
If we become honest, surely
We'll be able to understand each other
Please open your heart
Let me hear your voice
The path we have come is, for us, surely
An important STEP to that future

I took it without permission. Yeah. SHAME ME! FLAME HER! Wahahaha!

All credit goes to ; CarepJean for this lovely translations and romanji and also kanji! Duhh. Now I don't have any reason to skip study kanji. I just love the strokes and the complex words :)

p/s: by the way, what the heels with my headtitle? Nonsense.